Umbrella Corp. jacket (which has featured in a couple of my outfit posts in recent months) which is kind of a mess thrown together of two previously unwearable garments and some leftover scraps from other projects.

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Hey there. You look fucking awesome in your latest outfit. :-)

Many thanks! =^_^=

I am so ready for zombie-apocalypse even though I’ll get eaten by the first zombie to cross my path because all preparation has been aesthetic rather than developing any discernible survival skills.

Earlier in the week I was opp-shopping when two important items were obtained:
A tactical vest and a belt which is also handcuffs.

Seen but not purchased:
A mannequin with jaunty moustache and “Non Stop Honky Tonk” volumes 1 and 2.

Orange juice out of a tiny jug that made me uneasy because I was unsure if it was first supposed to be poured into another glass or something but then it had a straw so…?

Yesterday I picked up this Pinkie Cooper dog, after my co-pilot recently introduced me to them.

Their ears are their hair, which is interchangeable. Each ear is two colours, so can be swapped sides for a different look, or switched between the dolls if you have more than one.

This one is called Pepper Parson, I think there are three characters. Now I kind of want to go back for the other two. Anthropomorphic fashion dolls appeal to me on so many levels.

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#1: Always post the rules. (these numbers)
#2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asks, then write 11 new ones.
#3: Tag 11 people.
#4: Tell them that you tagged them.
#5: Tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the questions.

I am sorry, I did not know tagging people on the Tumbs was even a thing until just now?!

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Urgh Mai why you so pretty srsly

you also make a really hot dude uwu

bby nobody can resist this charm ;D

This is my cat. This is how she expresses joy.

Goomba Propaganda by KaoKoneko
Wintervalk by KaoKoneko

Today was the Wintervalk parade in Melbourne. Seemed like as good a time as any to break out the goat.

Plus mad chills with Al the orc who was kind enough to drive my incompetent goat self.

Just a couple of vector silhouette things.