Today my mother and I went to see the new TMNT film, while we didn’t see it in 3D, we did get the special edition glasses and look like massive dorks for the rest of the day.

Finished this mess for Commander Keen costume.

First two pictures show the helmet as it was when obtained and then after having the stripes painted on (back in 2011).

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MaEmon and I recently made moulds of each other using cling film and duct tape. It got weird.

Commander Keen (ver.2) by KaoKonekoThe helmet will get its very own post when I get around to finishing it.
Commander Keen (ver.2) by KaoKoneko

The helmet will get its very own post when I get around to finishing it.

Some kind of holster for the Neural Stunner. Made out of lanyards and bag parts mostly. Don’t live with me, I will pull all of your things apart and turn them into cosplay.

One strap loops around the belt, while two more fasten around the thigh with Velcro, and another clips through the… trigger-guard-thing? Yeah, okay, I know nothing about guns. Which is why it only just occurred to me that looping clips right through the trigger is probably an OH&S disaster waiting to happen. Good thing this is a sauce bottle wrapped in paper and not actually a weapon. Not without a little persistence and determination, at least.

Neural Stunner for my Commander Keen is nearly finished, might rough up the paint a little more but other than that it just needs to be sealed.

The base is a tomato sauce squeeze bottle wrapped in masking tape, aluminium foil, newspaper, and clay, affixed to part of a cheap plastic toy gun I cracked apart for the occasion. Then wrapped in more newspaper and coated with a viscous sugar/PVA/tissue mixture before being painted with many messy coats of spray enamel and basic acrylic paints in white, black, red, and yellow.

Initially I was just going to paint on the lightning bolts, but ended up cutting them from craft foam and gluing to the gun for the added texture or something.

The paint was rubbed and sanded between layers to give the whole thing a worn aesthetic.

Redfield Siblings by KaoKoneko
Don’t Shoot by KaoKoneko

Recently I got a new shirt for my Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim) costume, from H&M.

The previous shirt I had for this costume was grey with red grid rather than white with black grid, and also far too large for me (even for a character with a wardrobe as ill-fitting as Hermann’s).

Like the old one, the new shirt did not feature a buttoned collar, but this issue was easily rectified.

Get Out of Here by KaoKoneko
Survivor Group by KaoKoneko

Visiting my brother.